29. Juni 2018

Organizing Unity in Diversity


29. Juni 2018

II. Interdisciplinary Conference



Europa-Kolleg Hamburg

Windmühlenweg 27

22607 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 40 82 27 27 20



9:00 h             Welcome

Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur (University of Hamburg/Europa-Kolleg Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Wolf Schäfer (Hayek-Gesellschaft e.V./Europa-Kolleg Hamburg


9:15 h            

Panel 1            Re-Nationalization or new regionalism: Can Federal Answers meet Regional



Referentin       PD Dr. Claudia Wiesner

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Moderation     Dr. Konrad Lammers (Europa-Kolleg Hamburg)

10:45 h           Coffee Break



11:15 h

Panel 2           Functional Federalism and Overlapping Jurisdiction


Referent          Prof. Dr. Gunther Schnabl, Institute for Economic Policy, University of Leipzig.     „The Brexit as a Forerunner? Monetary Policy and Divergence Forces in the European Union“

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Moderation     Prof. Dr. Thomas Straubhaar (Universität Hamburg)

12:45 h           Lunch Break



14:15 h

Panel 3           Market Unity in Market Diversity


Referent         Prof. Dr. Jasper Finke, University of Edinburgh, School of Law.

                        “„Is Legal and Regulatory Diversity Possible in an Integrated Market?

Lessons to be Learned from the USA“


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Moderation     Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur


15:45 h           Coffee Break


16:15 h

Panel 4:          Law and Constitutional Economics: Federal Perspectives for Europe


Referent          Prof. Dr. Roland Vaubel, University of Mannheim, Department of Economics

“The Politics and Economics of Current Plans to Reform the Eurozone“

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Moderation     Prof. Dr. Wolf Schäfer


17:45h            Farewell Address

Prof. Dr. Thomas Straubhaar


18:00h            Reception