28. Juni 2019

Changing Arithmetics of the European Union

28. Juni 2019


III. Interdisciplinary Conference


Europa-Kolleg Hamburg

Windmühlenweg 27

22607 Hamburg

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Dear Colleagues, students, friends, ladies and gentlemen,


after British Prime Minister Theresa May´s final attempt to patch together a majority for her Brexit deal had backfired spectacularly, she declared to resign from office and as Tory Leader. Since then, the Brexit outcome is more uncertain than ever before. In the European elections, the center-right and center-left groups lost their longstanding majority. Eurosceptic parties will have a strong voice in the new Parliament and triumphant Greens already demand more radical climate action.


The arithmetic of European politics is tremendously changing.

Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, thus, is very happy to host, for the third time already in cooperation with the Friedrich A. von Hayek Gesellschaft e.V., an interdisciplinary conference on these issues of change – both from an internal European perspective and focusing on Europe´s role as external actor.

We are looking forward to welcome you on June 28, 2019 for a fruitful exchange of thoughts on change.



Wolf Schäfer        Jörg PhilippTerhechte         Markus Kotzur


9:30 h             Welcome

Prof Markus Kotzur, University of Hamburg/Europa-Kolleg Hamburg

Prof Wolf Schäfer, Hayek-Gesellschaft/Europa-Kolleg Hamburg


9:45 h            

Panel 1           Real Arithmetics


Referent         Prof Barbara Dluhosch, Helmut-Schmidt-University, Hamburg:

“Rules and Discretion in Trade Policy: European Perspectives”


Comment 1     Judith Crämer

Comment 2     Pelagia-Ioanna Ageridou



Moderation     Prof Wolf Schäfer, Hayek-Gesellschaft/Europa-Kolleg Hamburg


11:15 h           Coffee Break


11:45 h

Panel 2           Economic Arithmetics


Referent         Prof Rolf Hasse, Fraunhofer Center for Central and Eastern Europe, Universität Leipzig

“EU in Crisis: Too big or too little Options or a Lack of Creativity and Courage?”


Comment 1     Christoph Kleienberg

Comment 2     Esat Cinar


Moderation     Prof Markus Kotzur, University of Hamburg/Europa-Kolleg Hamburg


13:15 h           Lunch Break


14:15 h

Panel 3           External Arithmetics


Referent         Prof Dr Stephanie Schiedermair, University of Leipzig

                        „Europe Inside Out – External Arithmetics after the Brexit“.


Comment 1     Gesa Kübek

Comment 2     Chung Ching Kwong



Moderation     Dr Andreas Grimmel, University of Hamburg/Europa-Kolleg Hamburg


15:45 h           Coffee Break


16:15 h

Panel 4:          Internal Arithmetics


Referent          Prof Eckart D. Stratenschulte, German National Foundation, Hamburg:

“Reform, Redisgn or Resign? Europe in the 2020s”


Comment 1     Vanessa Rischawy-Mariano

Comment 2     Jasper Ulenaers


Moderation     Prof Jörg Philipp Terhechte, Leuphana University, Lüneburg


17:45h            Farewell Address

Prof Jörg Philipp Terhechte


18:00h            Reception