30. Juni 2017 9:00

Europa-Kolleg Hamburg


Das Europa-Kolleg Hamburg richtet am 30. Juni 2017 in Kooperation mit der Universität Hamburg und der Friedrich A. von Hayek Gesellschaft die interdisziplinäre Tagung ‚Governing Europe in Times of Crisis‘ aus. Namhafte Referenten aus Wissenschaft und Praxis werden sich im Laufe des Tages in vier Panels mit den Themenblöcken

  • Governing the Eurozone
  • Governing Security
  • Governing Refugees
  • Differentiated Integration:
    A Future Approach to Governing Europe

auseinandersetzen. Die Tagung wird in englischer Sprache und in den Räumen des Europa-Kolleg Hamburg durchgeführt. Eine Anmeldung zur Veranstaltung ist bereits jetzt unter möglich.


Dear colleagues, students, friends, ladies and gentlemen,

The G 7 summit recently held in Taormina, Italy (May 26 and 27, 2017) has raised many worries about preserving European and transatlantic unity on global challenges such as economic governance, security policies or migration issues. When the Trump administration focuses on “America first” and the United Kingdom is about to leave the European Union, many certainties for a long time taken as given become uncertain all of a sudden. Things will not get easier when on July 7 and 8 the G 20 group is assembling in Hamburg for their twelfth meeting. Given the frictions between the relevant political actors and a most demanding agenda on global financial and economic policies, straightforward solutions are most unlikely. The German presidency will without any doubt face difficult tasks. Being very aware of these, Chancellor Angela Merkel explicitly demanded that Europe – more than ever before – has to take responsibility for its own destiny. The consequences for and the impact on European Governance might be immense. An interdisciplinary conference, jointly organized by Hamburg University, Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, and the Friedrich A. von Hayek Gesellschaft e.V. on the eve of the Hamburg summit (June 30, 2017), therefore takes up some of the most urgent questions of “Governing Europe in Times of Crisis”. Following an opening panel on “Differentiated Integration: A Future Approach to Governing Europe” we will discuss three crucial fields of reference: “Governing Refugees”, “Governing the Eurozone”, and “Governing Security”. Kickoff presentations by leading international experts in the fields of law, economics and politics will be commented by advanced students and discussed with all conference participants. We hope to have aroused your interest and are looking forward to your participation.

Markus Kotzur Wolf Schäfer Thomas Straubhaar


Conference Outline

9:00 h Welcome
Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur (Universität Hamburg/Europa-Kolleg Hamburg) Prof. Dr. Wolf Schäfer (Hayek-Gesellschaft e.V./Europa-Kolleg Hamburg)

9:15 h Panel 1
Differentiated Integration: A Future Approach to Governing Europe

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kooths (Institut für Weltwirtschaft der Universität Kiel/HayekGesellschaft) Comment 1: Ricka Bähnsch Comment 2: Hsiao-Pu Chen Comment 3: Eike Polcyn Moderation: Prof. Dr. Wolf Schäfer

10:45 h Coffee Break

11:15 h Panel 2
Governing Refugees
Prof. Dr. Daniel Thym (Universität Konstanz) Comment 1: Miguel Abellán-Ossenbach Comment 2: Balázs Prokk Comment 3: Livia de Souza Lima Moderation: Prof. Dr. Thomas Straubhaar (Universität Hamburg)

12:45 h Lunch Break

14:15 h Panel 3
Governing the Eurozone
Prof. Dr. Markus C. Kerber (TU Berlin, Hayek-Gesellschaft) Comment 1: Maarja Kask Comment 2: Morten Luchtmann Comment 3: Alexandrea Swanson Moderation: Dr. Konrad Lammers (Europa-Kolleg Hamburg)

15:45 h Coffee Break

16:15 h Panel 4
Governing Security

Prof. Dr. Cord Jakobeit (Universität Hamburg) Comment 1: Dea Elmasllari Comment 2: Darrell Gwaltney Comment 3: Sophie Paul Moderation: Prof. Dr. Markus Kotzur

17:45h Farewell Address
Prof. Dr. Thomas Straubhaar

18:00 h Reception